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Xavier's Homepage

Irish Setter, born May 5, 2015

Photos of this handsome dog.

dogs photograph
Xavier and his housemate Siena  
July 2015
dog photo
Xavier and Sunshine  
October 2015
photo of irish setter
Handsome Boy  
December 2015
photo of irish setter
Trying Out the Dogwalk
March 2016
photo of dogs by Stockbridge
At Play in the Woods
May 2016
play bow
Play Bow
June 2016
photo of setter by Stockbridge
In the Backyard
September 2016
photo of setter by Stockbridge
Training Day -- On the Table
February 2017
photo of Irish setter by Stockbridge
On top of Doghouse
May 2017
photo of setter by Stockbridge
Xavier Likes Flowers
August 2017
photo of Xavier by Stockbridge
Xavier enjoys hunting
November 2018
More coming soon ...


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